All pages and patterns of this site can now be translated by using the 'Translate this Page' Gadget at the top of the right hand column of every page. Hopefully this will help many of you who are more comfortable reading in your native language. :D

All patterns are written assuming that the reader has a basic understanding of crochet and amigurumi, IE: working in rounds, sc increase and decrease, basic understanding of construction of the parts.

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Jenny said...

Is your minion pattern coming back?? My 6 yr old loves minions, but there's no post when I click on it. Just curious, thanks!

Jenny said...

And I've loved looking at all the things you made - they're amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

WolfDreamer said...

Yes the minion pattern will likely not be back. There are legal issues.

I was leaving this up thinking I might be able to put it back but will probably have to remove the links and page soon.

I'm sorry, but these things do happen unfortunately. :(

Phyllis Smith said...

Do u have mindcraft patterns??

WolfDreamer said...

I have just one at the moment, this Enderman doll. It's a shelf sitter. :)

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